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Farm in the news

Danny was interviewed on Farmer to Farmer podcast. He talks about the challenges of winter production in a climate where it rains all winter, and a bunch of other things.

We’re in a book! The farm was featured in Compact Farms by our friend Josh Volk. When it comes to farming, it turns out that small isn’t only beautiful — small is also sustainable, manageable, and productive.

Our friend Joel created a podcast about a day on the farm as part of our Farm Seeks Artist program.



full plate farm


Full Plate Farm came to be after years of dreaming. After farming at many farms and moving across the country, we began to ponder the idea of settling down on a piece of land. Since we both grew up in the Portland area and wanted to be near family, we came back home.

Luckily Michelle’s parents were willing to share their land with us. We bought a mobile home, a tractor, some implements for the farm, and some friends gave us a farm truck. Since 2010, we’ve been vigorously growing crops for our CSA and a few restaurants. We’re pleased as pie to be doing what we love, growing great food for great people in a way that sustains our soil and ourselves.

Here’s a little bit about our history…





In the year 2000, Danny fell in love at Scotchhill Farm in Wisconsin. He’s been farming on and off ever since. After working at Sauvie Island Organics and 47th Ave. Farm, he started growing garlic with a fellow farmer. Sticky Fingers Garlic Farm sold garlic at the PSU, Hollywood, and Eastbank Farmers Markets in Portland, Oregon. He followed his other true love to New York and worked at Hearty Roots Community Farm in Tivoli. In 2009, Danny and Michelle moved back home to Portland where he continued honing his farming skills at Slow Hand Farm and by managing Meriwerther’s Skyline Farm.





Michelle discovered farming through listening, or rather asking questions. In 2001, she spent the summer interviewing local ranchers and farmers with her brother in Northern Arizona. Here she discovered the likes of Wendell Berry and an itch for documentary work. Shortly after, she fell in love with a farmer. His name was Danny and he lived in a small trailer. In nine years, she’s learned a lot about farming and what it entails to be married to a farmer. When she’s not in the fields, she is busy making art, teaching, and documenting people and places. Recently she’s been recording conversations with people who live in Ridgefield. If you’d like to take a peek visit: http://ridgefieldresidents.virb.com/.